We can make a difference

Who me? What can I do? I am not anything special.  Nobody needs what I can offer. Why me?  I just can’t do that!

You are not the first to doubt or question God’s judgement in choosing you and quite frankly, you won’t be the last.  God knows you can make a difference in someone else’s life.  Wherever you live there is someone nearby who needs your help.  You are a part of God’s answer to heal our broken world.  He’s specifically designed you to meet needs on the planet and to touch the lives of real people.   He given you certain gifts, talents, and abilities.   He has helped you pass through experiences that will help you reach others.  Good times or bad times, God uses them to help you relate to people facing similar situations and carrying similar hopes in life.

Everyone and anyone can make a difference.  He may send you into a nearby area where people are suffering and hurting.   He may send you to the neediest parts of your city or region, which may include a hospital, nursing home or to a homeless person scraping out an existence under a bridge.  The story of the Good Samaritan, whose compassion allowed him to make a difference, has been retold around the world.  What a difference he made!  He touched not only the man who was robbed but also the millions of people who have heard that story in every century since.

When you or I touch even one life, the ripple effect of that compassionate act can impact thousands of lives.   Consider the story of a small Albanian girl name Agnes.  Who felt a strong call to missionary service at the age of twelve.  She devoted her energy to sharing love, kindness, and food to help the poor.  When she died, she had impacted the whole world with her determination to affect one life at a time.  This tiny little girl is known today as Mother Theresa.   She started with only a handful of people but when she died, her personal campaign had become a mighty movement.  With a total of 610 missionaries in 122 countries and over 100,000 volunteers from around the world.

You see, God wants to show you how you can make a difference too.  Yes, you with a lousy singing voice or you with the shady past, and you who lack fashion sense.   Remember you are God’s workmanship, created, purposed, and destined for good works.   You are God’s feet, hands, and voice.  So just look around and you will see that someone needs your help.  Someone needs you!

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His Love Broke Through


 Life happens everywhere and people are struggling with all kinds of issues.  But the common denominator is that God is everywhere.  There are no boundaries, barriers or borders where He can not go or reach.   No matter where you are in the US or the Philippines. God’s love goes beyond any conceivable problem or situation.  Below is the story of a woman who has learned that God love is forever and goes beyond borders. She lives in the Philippines and does not want her identity to be revealed.  

The Psalmist said, “Oh that I had wings like a dove for then I would fly and be at rest.  We have all had that feeling. The desire to escape, the urgency of being  lifted out of problem that seems insolvable, but when life flashes a no exit sign, what can we do?  I was born Apostolic, but I didn’t go to church. I was longing for a mother’s love. I was working, money was easy to earn and easy to lose. I worked so hard to earn money. I am the oldest, and I am responsible for my family needs. I had lots of friends who were there for me, and I know they loved me. They taught me how to smoke and drink. Then I lost my job, my home, and all my savings.  My family had no food to eat and all my friends are gone…….

One Sunday morning, I decided to go to church. I went to the altar and got down on my knees. I cried out to God, and prayed, and ask for forgiveness. I have been active in the church ever since.  I am a Sunday school teacher in the primary class, and a member of the choir.  My desire is in the work of God and I am happy with what I am doing.  I did not have a job at that time but God supplied my needs.

The year after problems came to my family, and my faith took a major hit.  I chose almost by throwing a dart at a piece of paper. I ask myself why is it that the more you get closer to God the more problems will come?  I kept asking myself how can a mere mortal ever discovered what the Almighty God wants me to do?  How can I bring God into the reality of my daily life? Or if I fall to the bottom; where is my God, when I must make a tough decision? Does God still guide? There are moments in life when you have two roads diverging in front of you. Can you count on God to help? I was helpless and hopeless. I really didn’t know what to do.  There was a voice that kept telling me where is your God? I felt so alone. I tried to kill myself. My thoughts were desperate as I pleaded with God to let me die.  God why I am here? Can you please just let me die? There is nothing good left for me.  I am hurting every day, just let me leave this world….

The Lord was so gentle with me and that made me change my life. He told me ” you don’t know the plans I have for you. I have a plan for you but you keep trying to do it your own way. I am going to keep intervening. His love broke through.  He is my father, and I’m his daughter. I have attributes like him. I’m never going to be perfect but I can strive for excellence.  I will be the best imitator of Christ that I can be.

The only reason I’ve been kept alive, and the only reason I chose to live for Jesus is my passion, and my calling.  He is what I live for.  I know that He can use my life to help others, and to be an encouragement.  No one’s life is a waste. No matter where you are from.  It does not matter whether you are rich or poor.  What Satan intends for your harm, God turns into good.  I know God loves me unconditionally.  There is nothing, nothing that can separate me from God’s love.  He makes beauty out of ashes, He can redeem your past and rebuild your future. The only way is to look to God’s mercy.  He cares about us more than we could ever imagine.  I am still far from where I want to be; but with God’s help, I shall succeed.  You can rise above any circumstances you face today. Your problems and obstacles may not go away instantly.  The purpose of those problems is to make you feel that you are helpless and hopeless, and at the end of the rope. But remember God is always on your side.

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#Giving Tuesday


#Giving Tuesday

Could you support your family for a day? This is difficult for many of us to imagine.  Yet, $1 is the average daily income for many of the children that we sponsor.   With your support, together we provide hope for these children. This is your opportunity to give back.  This is your opportunity to give to a someone who can really benefit from your generosity. pic 2

        “Thanks for everything I appreciate your kindness very much, I hope you’ll help more children like me.” – Jessica Continue reading

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Do you remember the dream

Today was not a good day but I was managing quite well until I heard some unfavorable news.  I was very disappointed and continue with the conversation but clearly I was broken.  The news cut me to the quick.  Some of you may know what I’m talking about.  It is the feeling that you had when you were looking for a job and you received the crunch letter or the phone call and was told that someone else got the the job.  It is the same feeling when you have to congratulate a friend on  a promotion that you applied for and did not get.  It is the moment when someone tells you that they just bought a house or a a new car.  Both of which you are in need of.   These are occurences that causee you to lose sight of what is most important.  It causes you to  concentrate on the problems  more so than the solution.   What did you dream what were you believing?  The news that I received today was almost to good to be true.  It made me remember what I thought I had forgotten.  All those feelings of inadequacy and not feeling good enough.  Trying so hard to dot every “i” and cross every “t”.  Still not good enough or pretty enough.  Seeing people reach their goals and fulfulling their purpose.  I just havent’ reach that level where I am ok with myself.   I am ok as long as things are going well! When people like me and or speak well of me Ha ha and that’s rare.  smh.  But I remember the dream! And on those days when things are going so well, I remember the dream!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sweet Surrender!

Great things happen in our lives when we surrender our will and allow God to be God!

Surrender means to give oneself up into the power of another or to yield.  The word surrender is associated with defeat and shame. In the art of war,  the war is over when one side concedes or surrender! One party must admit to defeat and render themselves harmless. This is not easy. At that point in time, after admitting defeat, they must surrender and submit to their enemy.  Are you struggling with the promises of God for your life?.  Maybe you have been waiting too long to see the manifestation of God’s will and His purpose for your life.  You are thinking about taking back the reins of control. Perhaps you feel that you are better equipped to navigate your life.   God is not our enemy He is our helper and our strength.  After submitting, the conquered party has no idea what his enemy will do to them. Will he kill them, beat them to just inches of their life hoping that they will give  them information that would further their cause. Many warriors have chosen to committ suicide or fall on their own sword so that the enemy will not have the honour of killing them! In the Bible, when the Philisitine was pursuing Saul he ask his armor bearer to kill him, but he would not! So Saul fell on his sword for fear that his enemies would. But our God is not like that. God has created us in his own image and in his likeness. He has put all things under our feet. He has given us dominion over all the creature and even the creeping thing in the sea! He is our refuge and strength and a present help in the time of trouble. He also knows the end from the beginning. So why do we toil and struggle with situations that we have no control over. We are merely puppets in the hands of God. He ruleth all things and everything belongs to Him. So why struggle and fight against the will of God. Why not surrender your will to the Almighty all powerful God! There is no other God like Him! He is the only true and living God. With that in mind, many of us believe that we are in control of our  lives. Our accomplishments are what we have imagined and created with the help of God.  He has allowed us to dream in order to accomplished the desires of our heart. In Genesis, God came down and confused the language of the people of Babel. The people had a mind to build a tower up to heaven but God came down and halted the project because? He is in control! Power belongs to God!  God has spoken once and twice have I heard this, power belong to God. (Psalms 62:11). Today there is a mandate for all us to surrender everything to God. The song says, All to Jesus I surrender, all the Him I freely give! God does not want to strong arm us, so let’s give ourselves to Him.. I will ever love and trust Him in His presence daily live.. Surrender is when you take no thought for your life or the lives of your loves one. Surrendering your dreams and desire to a power that is greater than our own. We have to bask in the greatest of God to really knowing who He is.  Knowing God and His character will cause everyone of us to surrender, even the smallest detail.  Remember God is in the details.   Trust is one key ingredient that is needed in order to surrender! Faith is another and our love for God is what sustains us when we can’t go on! God does not want to take our will but He wants us to surrender our will to Him!  Let Him take control, yield,  give up, surrender!  I give myself away! I give myself away so you can use me!  I am giving all.  Join me today! Let give it all to God!

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In the Silence

I read in a book “The spirit thrives on silence, stillness, solitude and the scriptures.”  But the flesh thrives on noise, activity, competition and busyness.”   Jentzen Franklin

This was an interesting concept. It  does not make sense.  Especially, in light of how we go about our busy days.  This quote ministered to me,  I remember the time when my days were full of tasks, chores, countless meetings and pending assignments.  It was like a See-Saw.  I was up  and down. Moving but I was not  accomplishing anything!.  I was thinking when is this going to end.  When will I have time for the things of God.   But this quote truly ministered to me!  We are all on a path to know God.  This path requires a lot of prayer, patience and resilence.  We will see and experience alot on this path to know Him..  As we grow closer to God and the things of God, our soul will long for silence and solitude.  I remember a song that an old mother would sing, it says,  “Blessed Quietness Holy Quietness, what assurance in my soul, on the storming sea, Jesus speaks to me and the billows cease to roll.”  The storms of life are raging.   The noise that we experience everyday on our jobs interacting with  coworkers, the unbearable sound of our children, neighbors or even the TV! We need to steal away to Jesus! He wants to talk to us and all we have to do is listen.  Don’t be afraid of the silence or the quiet! It is what God has ordained for us! Do you remember when our parents or teachers wanted to punish us, and they told us to sit in the corner! They punished us by making us sit quietly and they refused to let us talk or interact with the other children!  Sometimes we don’t want to be alone or sit with God because silence has always been associated with  negative experiences.  Personally, I feel that talking is so overrated.   When God doesn’t answer our prayer we become frustrated and anxious!  We began to rely on others for the solutions to our problems. We desire to have that familar interaction with our friends and loved ones.  Ecclesiates speaks about “A time to keep silent”.  All of your answers are awaiting in God’s presence! When we pray it is hard for some of us to sit in the presence of the Lord in silence.   Today let’s invite God into our prayer closets, living rooms, offices and even our cars!  Let’s turn off everything!  I promise you, all the answers will be found when we steal away! God does not text and He does not send Podcasts.. so we have to  search for God.  “Be silent, O all flesh before the Lord! (Zec 2:13).  God is waiting for us in the silence and the stillness of our hearts!  Our flesh does not enjoy silence but our spirit yearn for it! So I challenge you to turn off the radio, unplug your iPod, take a sabbatical from Facebook and Twitter, turn off the Blackberrys and the iPhones.  And just seek the Lord while He may be found!  Job said, “I stood still, but I could not discern the form thereof, an image was before my eyes, there was silence and I heard a voice”…. Remember silence is golden.  Be Blessed..

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Help Our Children

Friends, we need your help.  Thousands of  miles away, children are struggling to get an education.  Living in the United States, we enjoy quality education as a right, that children in Third World Countries receives as a priviledge.  That said, we also have access to resources that is all but unheard of in countries such as the Philippines. 

Beyond Borders is partnering with Shecaniah Learning Center in Manila,Philippines to help provide an education for the children of Marikina City, an impoverished area of Manila.  While living in the Philippines, I was the Assistant Director of the school.  Since 2006, we have sponsored students at Shecaniah Learning Center.  Many of the students are honor students and some have been accepted to top schools of higher learning.  We have pledged to provide education for this upcoming school year which began June, 2010, free of charge for over 15 children.  However, we are short of our fundraising goals, which, we need to reach soon.  We are looking for you to partner with us so that we can continue this effort in continuing years.   For more information check out our website at  www. beyondbordersinternational.com or check us out on Facebook. 

Donations are being accepted on our website or you can mail it to the address listed at our website.  Through your giving you, you will be providing a better world for a child who has no other means of  educational support.  Consider becoming a Friend of Beyond Borders!


Sharon Charleston

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Welcome to Beyond Borders International Blog

Typhoon Ondoy devastated many families in the Philippines. Please remember Bishop Quiboloy, Arneeda Quiboloy and the people of the Philippines, who suffered devastating losses during Typhoon Ondoy. They need our help and our prayers. Please watch the video! You can send you donations to Beyond Borders International, PO Box 185, Downers Grove, IL 60517. 

Select the link to see video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnD-C9pMvlM


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