His Love Broke Through


 Life happens everywhere and people are struggling with all kinds of issues.  But the common denominator is that God is everywhere.  There are no boundaries, barriers or borders where He can not go or reach.   No matter where you are in the US or the Philippines. God’s love goes beyond any conceivable problem or situation.  Below is the story of a woman who has learned that God love is forever and goes beyond borders. She lives in the Philippines and does not want her identity to be revealed.  

The Psalmist said, “Oh that I had wings like a dove for then I would fly and be at rest.  We have all had that feeling. The desire to escape, the urgency of being  lifted out of problem that seems insolvable, but when life flashes a no exit sign, what can we do?  I was born Apostolic, but I didn’t go to church. I was longing for a mother’s love. I was working, money was easy to earn and easy to lose. I worked so hard to earn money. I am the oldest, and I am responsible for my family needs. I had lots of friends who were there for me, and I know they loved me. They taught me how to smoke and drink. Then I lost my job, my home, and all my savings.  My family had no food to eat and all my friends are gone…….

One Sunday morning, I decided to go to church. I went to the altar and got down on my knees. I cried out to God, and prayed, and ask for forgiveness. I have been active in the church ever since.  I am a Sunday school teacher in the primary class, and a member of the choir.  My desire is in the work of God and I am happy with what I am doing.  I did not have a job at that time but God supplied my needs.

The year after problems came to my family, and my faith took a major hit.  I chose almost by throwing a dart at a piece of paper. I ask myself why is it that the more you get closer to God the more problems will come?  I kept asking myself how can a mere mortal ever discovered what the Almighty God wants me to do?  How can I bring God into the reality of my daily life? Or if I fall to the bottom; where is my God, when I must make a tough decision? Does God still guide? There are moments in life when you have two roads diverging in front of you. Can you count on God to help? I was helpless and hopeless. I really didn’t know what to do.  There was a voice that kept telling me where is your God? I felt so alone. I tried to kill myself. My thoughts were desperate as I pleaded with God to let me die.  God why I am here? Can you please just let me die? There is nothing good left for me.  I am hurting every day, just let me leave this world….

The Lord was so gentle with me and that made me change my life. He told me ” you don’t know the plans I have for you. I have a plan for you but you keep trying to do it your own way. I am going to keep intervening. His love broke through.  He is my father, and I’m his daughter. I have attributes like him. I’m never going to be perfect but I can strive for excellence.  I will be the best imitator of Christ that I can be.

The only reason I’ve been kept alive, and the only reason I chose to live for Jesus is my passion, and my calling.  He is what I live for.  I know that He can use my life to help others, and to be an encouragement.  No one’s life is a waste. No matter where you are from.  It does not matter whether you are rich or poor.  What Satan intends for your harm, God turns into good.  I know God loves me unconditionally.  There is nothing, nothing that can separate me from God’s love.  He makes beauty out of ashes, He can redeem your past and rebuild your future. The only way is to look to God’s mercy.  He cares about us more than we could ever imagine.  I am still far from where I want to be; but with God’s help, I shall succeed.  You can rise above any circumstances you face today. Your problems and obstacles may not go away instantly.  The purpose of those problems is to make you feel that you are helpless and hopeless, and at the end of the rope. But remember God is always on your side.

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