We can make a difference

Who me? What can I do? I am not anything special.  Nobody needs what I can offer. Why me?  I just can’t do that!

You are not the first to doubt or question God’s judgement in choosing you and quite frankly, you won’t be the last.  God knows you can make a difference in someone else’s life.  Wherever you live there is someone nearby who needs your help.  You are a part of God’s answer to heal our broken world.  He’s specifically designed you to meet needs on the planet and to touch the lives of real people.   He given you certain gifts, talents, and abilities.   He has helped you pass through experiences that will help you reach others.  Good times or bad times, God uses them to help you relate to people facing similar situations and carrying similar hopes in life.

Everyone and anyone can make a difference.  He may send you into a nearby area where people are suffering and hurting.   He may send you to the neediest parts of your city or region, which may include a hospital, nursing home or to a homeless person scraping out an existence under a bridge.  The story of the Good Samaritan, whose compassion allowed him to make a difference, has been retold around the world.  What a difference he made!  He touched not only the man who was robbed but also the millions of people who have heard that story in every century since.

When you or I touch even one life, the ripple effect of that compassionate act can impact thousands of lives.   Consider the story of a small Albanian girl name Agnes.  Who felt a strong call to missionary service at the age of twelve.  She devoted her energy to sharing love, kindness, and food to help the poor.  When she died, she had impacted the whole world with her determination to affect one life at a time.  This tiny little girl is known today as Mother Theresa.   She started with only a handful of people but when she died, her personal campaign had become a mighty movement.  With a total of 610 missionaries in 122 countries and over 100,000 volunteers from around the world.

You see, God wants to show you how you can make a difference too.  Yes, you with a lousy singing voice or you with the shady past, and you who lack fashion sense.   Remember you are God’s workmanship, created, purposed, and destined for good works.   You are God’s feet, hands, and voice.  So just look around and you will see that someone needs your help.  Someone needs you!

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