Do you remember the dream

Today was not a good day but I was managing quite well until I heard some unfavorable news.  I was very disappointed and continue with the conversation but clearly I was broken.  The news cut me to the quick.  Some of you may know what I’m talking about.  It is the feeling that you had when you were looking for a job and you received the crunch letter or the phone call and was told that someone else got the the job.  It is the same feeling when you have to congratulate a friend on  a promotion that you applied for and did not get.  It is the moment when someone tells you that they just bought a house or a a new car.  Both of which you are in need of.   These are occurences that causee you to lose sight of what is most important.  It causes you to  concentrate on the problems  more so than the solution.   What did you dream what were you believing?  The news that I received today was almost to good to be true.  It made me remember what I thought I had forgotten.  All those feelings of inadequacy and not feeling good enough.  Trying so hard to dot every “i” and cross every “t”.  Still not good enough or pretty enough.  Seeing people reach their goals and fulfulling their purpose.  I just havent’ reach that level where I am ok with myself.   I am ok as long as things are going well! When people like me and or speak well of me Ha ha and that’s rare.  smh.  But I remember the dream! And on those days when things are going so well, I remember the dream!!!!!!!!!!!!

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