Sweet Surrender!

Great things happen in our lives when we surrender our will and allow God to be God!

Surrender means to give oneself up into the power of another or to yield.  The word surrender is associated with defeat and shame. In the art of war,  the war is over when one side concedes or surrender! One party must admit to defeat and render themselves harmless. This is not easy. At that point in time, after admitting defeat, they must surrender and submit to their enemy.  Are you struggling with the promises of God for your life?.  Maybe you have been waiting too long to see the manifestation of God’s will and His purpose for your life.  You are thinking about taking back the reins of control. Perhaps you feel that you are better equipped to navigate your life.   God is not our enemy He is our helper and our strength.  After submitting, the conquered party has no idea what his enemy will do to them. Will he kill them, beat them to just inches of their life hoping that they will give  them information that would further their cause. Many warriors have chosen to committ suicide or fall on their own sword so that the enemy will not have the honour of killing them! In the Bible, when the Philisitine was pursuing Saul he ask his armor bearer to kill him, but he would not! So Saul fell on his sword for fear that his enemies would. But our God is not like that. God has created us in his own image and in his likeness. He has put all things under our feet. He has given us dominion over all the creature and even the creeping thing in the sea! He is our refuge and strength and a present help in the time of trouble. He also knows the end from the beginning. So why do we toil and struggle with situations that we have no control over. We are merely puppets in the hands of God. He ruleth all things and everything belongs to Him. So why struggle and fight against the will of God. Why not surrender your will to the Almighty all powerful God! There is no other God like Him! He is the only true and living God. With that in mind, many of us believe that we are in control of our  lives. Our accomplishments are what we have imagined and created with the help of God.  He has allowed us to dream in order to accomplished the desires of our heart. In Genesis, God came down and confused the language of the people of Babel. The people had a mind to build a tower up to heaven but God came down and halted the project because? He is in control! Power belongs to God!  God has spoken once and twice have I heard this, power belong to God. (Psalms 62:11). Today there is a mandate for all us to surrender everything to God. The song says, All to Jesus I surrender, all the Him I freely give! God does not want to strong arm us, so let’s give ourselves to Him.. I will ever love and trust Him in His presence daily live.. Surrender is when you take no thought for your life or the lives of your loves one. Surrendering your dreams and desire to a power that is greater than our own. We have to bask in the greatest of God to really knowing who He is.  Knowing God and His character will cause everyone of us to surrender, even the smallest detail.  Remember God is in the details.   Trust is one key ingredient that is needed in order to surrender! Faith is another and our love for God is what sustains us when we can’t go on! God does not want to take our will but He wants us to surrender our will to Him!  Let Him take control, yield,  give up, surrender!  I give myself away! I give myself away so you can use me!  I am giving all.  Join me today! Let give it all to God!

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